My experience with Ultimate4Trading

Hello guys! My name is Mike and today I want to tell you all about a new trading tool called Ultimate4Trading. I have recently found out about it and decided to try it, as one of my best friends recommended it to me. It also has an interesting story, he said, so I decided I shouldn’t miss it.

Let me start by telling you the actual story, as I discovered it online, reading different articles and news about this tool. Well, the system was created by 4 students, to start with. And I know what you are going to say: if it was created by students, who probably lack experience in trading, then it is probably not very good. But I have to disagree. But on that, I will talk later, now I am going to tell you the story. So, as I was saying, 4 students decided to create such a tool and here it is how. They were in their last year at university and they had a project to deliver. After unsuccessfully going through their first idea, one of them came up with another, a more creative and innovative one. So, they basically decided to combine the experience they had in programming with their passion of trading and create this amazing system.


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And they were quite successful. Taking into consideration the fact that they invested their own money in this tool, this means they knew what they were doing. Actually, they were so successful they got back their money and 1000 times more. Then, they realized they can make it available to the public, so they further improved the algorithm of Ultimate4Trading and tested it until they were happy with the result and they could release it on the market.

Now I going to continue by telling you how my experience with this product went. So let’s hear my Ultimate4Trading review:

First of all, as usual, I signed up on the platform and deposited some money in the account, not too much, but enough to start trading. I must say, the platform is really beautiful and it has all the information right where you need it. So, basically, the steps for trading are really easy and I learned how to use the platform right away. On the front page, I had all the trades the system recommends in either of the two directions, up or down. I just had to select one of those trades, then also select an investment amount and then just confirm the trade. And that’s it! And in a couple of minutes, I knew if I was profitable or not. But I was successful almost every single time.

There is a history panel there on the platform which basically shows you all the trade you have done, if they were successful or not, and by what amount. This is really helpful, if you want to keep track of the investments you do. Also, another thing that is important to be mentioned is that you can do the trades wither for a week, a day or 60 seconds. So, there are available different expiry times, so you can choose the one most convenient for you.

Why is this tool very helpful? Well, in my opinion, especially because it is very simple to use and it is very effective. Indeed, the accuracy rate is of about 75%, which is more than great. And this is because the algorithm is really good, so the job those kids did is really one of the best! The algorithm will basically analyze the market, different charts and graphs and will provide the most lucrative opportunity for trading at that specific time. So, basically Ultimate4Trading will do the thinking for you and you just have to follow its recommendations for being successful.

So, what I should emphasize at this point is also that the tool is very good for the beginners, because it does not require any experience on trading, since the trades will be done by the system itself. This is one of the best opportunities for novices, so I advise you to take advantage of it now! This is especially because the system is free, but not for a long time! Well, you might think how come such a good system is released for free? Why did not the students want to make any money with this invention of theirs? Well, they just wanted to give the users the opportunity of donating back what they felt was appropriate for the experience they had with the system. This of course, after trying the tool and making money with its help. And this is very nice of them I think! I have to thank them for making this opportunity possible and for helping me make more money!

So, I advise you not to waste any more time and sign up right now, in order to benefit from this really great offer! There is nothing for you to lose! Only benefits on your side – free admission, free signals, really easy to use and the opportunity of make really good money! Why miss such a chance? Go ahead and sign up right now!

UPDATE 26 MAY 2016

Take a look at this screen shot of my account from today!

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Update 27 june 2016: 4000 euro withdraw (Skrill)


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56 thoughts on “My experience with Ultimate4Trading

  1. Hello Mike,

    My name is Jason and I’ve discovered Ultimate4Trading last month. I’ve received an demo account with 500 euros and now I have more than 1000… I have some savings and I want to make a deposit.

    Do you have an advice for me?

    1. Hello,
      As you can see, I am not an expert in online trading, that is exactly why I chose to use Ultimate4Trading. For me, it worked very well, now I have in my account more than 1000 euros. I have to tell you though that you do not have to expect all the predictions to be accurate…Generally, 8 out of 10 are accurate, but this should not be a problem.

  2. Hello Mike, I’ve been using the demo and it seems pretty consistent and worth trying it out, but the only broker offered is EZtrader and I’ve heard a lot of complaints about them, so I’m not sure now. Do you know if there is more than just this one broker you can use with it?

    1. Because the product is provided for free now for a limited period, the moment they will get to a certain number of users, they will start asking for money to those who want to sign up and I heard it is not going to be cheap. That moment, it won’t be for everybody.

  3. How soon is the money received ?

    I’ve deposited 300 euros, I got to 500 and I asked for a withdrawal of 250 euros. Did you receive money from them?

    1. Hi,

      For the first payment, I waited about 7 days, I was a little bit nervous because I thought it was a long period. The next two withdrawals were confirmed in 3-4 business days.

    2. I waited 10 days to receive my money.

      After the first 5 days, I wrote them an e-mail in which I explained the problem and the next day, they answered me also in an e-mail in which they mentioned they have some problems with the payments for all users.

      After another 5 days, I received the money and then, after 4 hours, I received an e-mail through which they apologized for any inconveniences they may have caused. After all, all the waiting was for a good thing, in my case.

    3. When you make a deposit, the money disappear from your card in a second but when you make a withdrawal, it take 3 to 4 business days until the money are paid.

  4. im in South Africa and would like to use this app problem is the curency is in Pounds, Euro amd Us dolla.. how do I do then???

  5. Today, I deposited 400 euros…

    I didn’t even accept the demo account. Was I right to go this way? I would like to place today 8 trades of 50 euros each and then I will come back with my review.

    1. Hei

      Don’t do this. From my experience with Ultimate4Trading, I am telling you it is no good to place more than 5-6 trades a day.

      1. Thanks Jacobsd,

        I saw you answer too late, but I come back with details: yesterday, the 17th of February 2016, I placed 8 trades of 50 euros each. I checked the account and I had 492 euros in it…that means that only 6 our of 8 trades were successful.

        It’s not so bad though…. I’ve got a profit of 92 euro.

        Now I want to withdraw 400 euro and I want to trade only with the 92 profit!

  6. Hi Mike…I Tried Securing My Spot But The Pages Seems To Have Some Problems…It Doesn’t Show Any Sort Of A Registration Form…And I’m In South Africa…How Much Would I Need To Start Trading?

  7. Hi Mike, Im in South Africa i made a deposit of 100 dollars last week, it required my verification documents I send, now i want to login it doesn’t take username and password, now it says it is block in my country but before making a deposit it was not not blocked, what’s happening with this system.

  8. Let me tell you my story. I signed up with 200 euros (honestly, this was a sum I wasn’t going to feel sorry for, in case I lost it) and I placed 4 trades. Only two of them were accurate and I ended up with 172 euros in my account.

    The next day, I placed again 4 trades of 50 euros each (the last one was of only 22) and surprisingly, the 3 of 50 euros was all successful, so now I have 250 euros.

    1. Were these trades for shares or for currency also what was the trade times i.e. 60 seconds, 30 minutes or other or for a day or so?

    1. Bom dia Layla ! eu sou do Brasil também e achei muito interessante esta plataforma do ultimate4trading assisti por diversas vezes o vídeo do Jon Milbar no programa STARTUP365 . Eu fiquei muito impressionado com a demonstração ao vivo da Abby e Matty Voss. Já me cadastrei no U4T pois como foi dito chegará um momento limite do número de gratuidade.

  9. I am leaving in South Africa I would like to know if I must deposit in American $ or must I used Rands to deposit since i read about Phanuel problem using the Dollars?

  10. I git an email sayingbits from mike adam warning me not to join ultimate4trading, i want to know if that was really from you mike? Please answer.
    thank you.

    1. Hello,

      I didn’t send any email 😀 Ultimate4Trading works!

      Check out my update from 26 may 2006 – at the end of the article.


  11. Hello Mike,, it’s my first time knowing about this system..
    and i have sign up for Demo mode.. and i win all whenever I trade..
    there are still a question in my head that am I just randomly click the trade button from the recommendation chart and it has a high win percentage or I still need to see the chart flowing up and down?
    info pliz


  12. Dear Mike,
    I have registered Ultimate4 trading, but not so sure to deposit the money..
    If I deposit the money, do place on binary one or you chose the 60 second one. Please advise

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